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We are strategic in the offering our customers the best products on the market for running, jogging, walking, triathlon, and health & fitness lifestyle. Thecompanies that we partner with allow us to support you in achieving yourfitness goals to the best of your ability. Our partnerships with our product companies enable us to provide education clinics, community support, sponsor programs, and create fun in-store experiences. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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Products We Carry

Shoes:Minimal, Neutral, Stability, Control, Cushion to lightweight racer

Apparel:Tops, tanks, singlets, tights, capri’s, compression, shorts, tri-gear, technical socks that keep your feet dry, blister free and stinky-free

Accessories:insoles, products for running injury and injury prevention, hydration, watches,sunglasses, GPS, headbands, shoes laces, speed laces, race equipment,body glide, hats, visors,

Nutrition:drink, gels, bars, blocks, protein shakes

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