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Bring in all gently used running shoes to donate and receive $10 off your next pair of shoes.
Tuesday Night Run Group arrive @ 6pm

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Awesome Saturday run clinic with Dr. Jan Schorpion this morning! Thanks for everybody who came out and special thanks to Dr. Schorpion. Check him out at Optical Performance & Physical Therapy in Clearwater.

TRY SOMETHING NEW! Join us this Saturday for a quick Free Run Clinic Hosted by Physical Therapist and IronMan Runner Jan! 10:00AM @ American Running Company Must RSVP! Call (727) 799-1227

The Run Clinic

What you will learn: - Optimize your running form -Decrease risk for running related injuries and how to recognize when you have one -Get you back to running after injury and help you increase the longevity of your running career Jan Schorpion is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and one of only 69 Physical Therapy Board Certified Sport Specialists in FL. He has extensive training and experience treating runners of all levels by performing detailed gait analysis and utilizing individualized treatment programs to help runners achieve their goals. Jan is a 2 time Ironman finisher, has raced in 30+ triathlons and numerous running events. Jan’s goal is for you to achieve your running goals.

June 25, 2016

Topo running shoes have arrived to ARC! Come and check out the three models we have to offer. Your feet will thank you for trying on the cushioning and lightness of the Magnifly, Ultrafly, and Fli-Lyte. 😀😀⚡👟